buy amoxicillin online next day delivery uk Wm. G. Barron Enterprises serves a clientele of commercial investors, buyers, sellers and tenants, providing access to a national portfolio through our professional affiliation with the CCIM network.

Wm G Barron Enterprises Wm. G. Barron Enterprises serves a clientele of commercial investors, buyers, sellers and tenants, providing access to a national portfolio through our professional affiliation with the CCIM network. Our expert staff supports all commercial real estate brokerage interests, including Commercial Real Estate sales and leasing, sale-leaseback transactions, tenant representation, property management and broker’s opinion of value. Barron Enterprises is the foremost commercial real estate brokerage in the region. We know the market inside and out, evaluate your unique situation and employ our full set of capabilities to accomplish the desired results.

Sales and Leasing

Wm. G. Barron Enterprises serves owners or landlords in selling or leasing their property, whether retail, office, multifamily or industrial. We have worked with developers, owners, banks and investors across the country to help them determine highest valuation for sale and best use for lease. We leverage advanced technology and business-intelligence platforms that go far beyond toolsets deployed by typical brokerage firms. Contact us to learn more about the sales and leasing capabilities.

Sale-Leaseback Transactions

buy mobic online no prescription Wm. G. Barron Enterprises can help perform a sale-leaseback transaction, in which the owner of a property sells that asset and then leases it back from the buyer. A sale-leaseback allows a seller to finance and expand a business or invest in new opportunities, pay down debt or reduce business income tax liability. Investors benefit by obtaining a long-term fully, leased asset with guaranteed income, and ownership of a depreciable asset. Wm. G. Barron Enterprises can assist investors in finding sale-leaseback opportunities that meet their credit and investment criteria and can assist commercial real estate owners in finding a long-term capital partner fluent in the sale-leaseback process. Our local expertise and the national reach of our network provide the optimal combination for a successful transaction. Contact us to learn more about the sale-leaseback capabilities.

Tenant Representation

Wm. G. Barron Enterprises provides expert and experienced tenant representation services and works with clients to locate, evaluate and negotiate for commercial space. Recognizing that landlords compete for your occupancy, we tailor a simple four-step process to your needs with the goal of acquiring an ideal property at the most competitive rate possible with the least amount of your time and effort.

  • We formulate a strategy based on objectives and expectations and define roles up front.
  • We conduct a needs analysis to determine space requirements, growth projections, budget, location and building requirements.
  • We create a market for your tenancy by performing a market survey and taking property tours to establish a short list selection, then developing an RFP to help landlords become responsive to your needs and to facilitate a bidding environment.
  • Finally, we examine RFP responses, perform a financial analysis and conduct lease negotiations. We then facilitate occupancy by monitoring construction improvements and managing move-in.

Contact us to learn more about the tenant representation.

Property Management

Wm G. Barron Enterprises offers full service property management service for multi-family and commercial properties. Whether you are managing two units or 200 units, warehouse space or executive office suites, we simplify the administration and maintenance of your real estate investment to develop the highest possible net operating income while removing the burdens of managing your own properties. We offer complete leasing services that include acquiring tenants, executing lease agreements, and collecting rent. Additionally, we coordinate and supervise all tenant maintenance needs to protect the value of your asset. Contact us to learn more about our property management capabilities.

Broker's Opinion of Value

Wm. G. Barron Enterprises can provide a broker’s opinion of value to assist a lender, seller or buyer about the current market value of a property or a suitable bid for purchase. A broker’s opinion of value can more accurately reflect a current property value because it takes into account actual market conditions. We conduct a site visits and conduct an analysis of the property. We review the zoning, possible uses, the income and expenses, the leases, and other components of the property. We compare the property to similar properties sold, leased and currently on the market. We run financial cash flow projections and pro-forma analyses. After we’ve performed the research and analysis, we meet with you personally to present a written broker’s opinion of value and a market analysis. Contact us to learn more about our broker’s opinion of value capabilities.